All About VALUE!!!

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So this is what happens when 41+ years go by and I keep drawing!  These are also drawings from my own photographs.  The single horse portrait of “Romeo”  on the left was created with just a black Prismacolor pencil.  The double portrait of “Sunny and Andy” was created with graphite pencil as was the cat portrait of “Snickers”.

Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci

The Calling of St. Matthew by Caravaggio

Insane Woman (or Mrs. D. teaching in a hybrid model) by Gericault

ASSIGNMENT:  Answer these questions on the Google Doc: All About Value

Notice the similarities and differences in both pieces.  

1. Which one do you think was created by Caravaggio (male)?  Indicate why.

2. Which one was created by Gentileschi (female)?  Indicate why.

Below is part of the back story to help you decide.  

3. If you were to create a story that was an allegory, who would your subject be? (Judith is the subject here, representing Judaism.)

4. In your story, what would need to be conquered/triumphed? (Pagan enemy is who needed to be conquered.)

5. In your story, how would your subject do this? (Murder the leader - Holofernes - of the enemy, Assyrian army and bring back his head as proof.)

EWWWW......that's going to take a BIG bandage to fix!!!!

...And you thought Art History was boring....there's a lot of


in art...both creatively and historically!


"Chiaro" (clear, light) + "oscuro" (obscure, dark)

Renaissance artists used this Italian term to describe how light and dark can imply depth and volume

Renaissance artists wanted to show depth and volume in their art.

The paintings below are good examples of VALUE.

The WACKY story behind the paintings...

(and you thought 2020 was messed up!)

Notice the gray rectangle lying on its side.  That gray rectangle is the SAME value as the rectangles that are placed on the variety of shades.  

Carefully review ALL information on this page and complete the following Google Doc: All About Value