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Pd. D Intro to Art: Studio Emphasis                          Rm 516                           Mrs. Dion

Overview: This half-year course fulfills the 0.5 credit Arts requirement for graduation.  Students will explore a wide variety of studio projects in design, color, drawing, painting and sculpture, all within a context of art history and art appreciation.  Mrs. Dion utilizes the Google Classroom along with her teacher website,,  to instruct students.


Materials needed:

Bag of supplies you receive at the beginning of the semester.  This is to be with you at all times, whether in the classroom or working remotely.  


Remote Only students will receive information on how to pick-up their supplies.

Classroom expectations:

Students will be ready to work.

Students need to be respectful of other people in the room & their workspace.

Students will utilize safety/health procedures as outlined by Administration.

Cell phones and ONE earbud: at the discretion of Mrs. Dion, you MAY be allowed to listen to your own music.  Any use other than looking up reference material or listening to music is prohibited.  This is your only warning.  Emails will be sent home if you violate this classroom rule.

Wipe down your work area with the provided wipes 5 minutes before the end of class.

Remote learning expectations:

Students are expected to work during the assigned classroom time.

Students will check in during each scheduled remote class period.

Students will show evidence of the work they did during remote class time per the direction of Mrs. Dion.

Students are responsible for checking on the Google Classroom and for directions and assignments.

Extra help days:  

I am available Pd. A for extra help and every T/Th from 6:45 - 7:15.

As a part-time teacher, I am on campus from 6:45AM until 10:20AM.  If you are working remotely and need help during these hours, please email me.  If you contact me outside of those hours, I will return your email when I return to the classroom.

How competencies work in the visual art classes:

These are the FOUR competencies visual art students need to show competence in along with a sampling of questions for each one:

Connect Competency: Students will understand that through artmaking, people make meaning by investigating and developing awareness of perceptions, knowledge and experiences.

Did you demonstrate a process of developing ideas from early stages to fully elaborated ideas in your art?

Did you incorporate your own personal experiences along with outside influences to develop your art?

Create Competency: Students will understand that artists and designers experiment with forms, structures, materials, concepts, media and art-making approaches.

Did you engage in making art with/without preconceived ideas?

Did you engage in making art through multiple approaches?

Present Competency: Students will understand that artists, curators, and others consider a variety of factors and methods including evolving technologies when preparing and refining artwork for display and/or when deciding if and how to preserve and protect it.

Did you develop and refine your artistic techniques for strong craftsmanship resulting in artwork that is suitable for presentation?

Did you demonstrate the ability to communicate a clear message through your art?

Respond Competency: Students will understand that people evaluate art based upon differing sets of criteria.

Were you able to apply relevant criteria to evaluate works of art?

Were you able to analyze how one’s understanding of the world is affected by visual art?

Assignments in the visual art classes will indicate what competency is being evaluated.  In Aspen, the competencies are listed on the right side of the student view for the course within the assignment tab.  (We will discuss this in class and you will be walked through how to view it on Aspen.)  Assignments may have more than one competency and that will be reflected in Aspen.

In order to earn credit for the course, a student must numerically pass the course with a 65% or higher and numerically pass each competency with a 65% or higher.

Redoing work to possibly earn a better grade:

At the discretion of Mrs. Dion, assignments may be redone to earn higher credit.

Late Summative Procedure:

For each day that a completed summative assignment is submitted past its due date, a 7% deduction per day will be applied.  If the assignment is 5 or more days late, a total of 35% will be deducted.

Academic Honesty and Integrity:

In its attempt to promote student excellence, Pinkerton Academy expects students to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity. It is critical that students are aware of Pinkerton Academy’s expectations with respect to academic honesty and integrity.

Examples of dishonesty in the visual arts includes but are not limited to: copying another student’s work and turning it in as your own; using an assignment from another course and resubmitting it without permission from the instructor; copying art work from the Internet and turning it in as your own without crediting the original artist.

Please see the Student Planner for the rest of the policy, including first and second infractions along with a model list of what is/is not acceptable.

Deadline to Submit Work for the Course:

Mrs. Dion will inform you of the deadline to submit work for the course and she will not accept work after that date. Exceptions to this are students with incompletes.

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