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Choose your subject

A mammal

A person you know

Greek God

Current Pop Culture figure

Choose your country

Choose at least one thing extra to include (more than one can be chosen) Can be the actual object or painted on.

Choose a writing option

Choose your medium (more than one can be chosen) This is a 3-dimensional project.


Craft store items


Write a funny story about your mask


Outdoor items (leaves, sticks, etc.)


Write a poem about your mask



Eye glasses

Write a paragraph of how you created your mask


Found objects around your home


Write an interesting  ad to sell your mask online



Historical figure from the past


Write a text conversation between your mask subject and you

Mask RAFT project:

1. Complete the Google Doc "Mask Worksheet".  Hand it into Google Classroom when it is filled out.

2. Create a rough sketch of your mask based upon your choices.  Photograph and attach to the Google Doc "Mask Rough Sketch".

3. Create your 3D mask using the materials you chose on the RAFT.

4. When done the mask, photograph it and turn into Google Classroom on the Google Doc: "Mask Final Art".

5. Attach your writing to the Google Doc "Mask Writing".

Review all the information about masks.

Assignment directions are in the orange boxes.


You find something to use not on this choice board

An imaginary subject


Write a story of your mask being unearthed in an archeological dig you are in charge of. (Similar to when dinosaur bones are discovered.)

A reptile

Inuit Arctic Regions


Write a magazine article describing your mask and any symbolism/design elements on your mask.

South/North America

Recycled materials

Plaster/paper mache

A dinosaur

Something sparkly

A museum wants to display your mask, create an art description of your mask including the purpose of the mask.


Rocks & sand

Your own idea of a subject (approved by the teacher).

Your own idea of an "extra"

Your own idea of what to write (approved by the teacher).