Creative Prompts

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Creative Prompt One:

"Organized Chaos"


"Freeze" is the creative prompt.  

What does it look like?

(All images taken from a Google search of "Freeze Drawings")

To get you started:

1. What comes to mind?

2. Think about where you live.

3. Think about places you've been.

4. Are you a neat person or a slob?

5. What does the inside of your school bag look like?

Notice how each artist interpreted the word "Freeze".


1. Take the creative prompt and list 5 different ways it could be drawn.  

2. Now take your first idea and draw 5 thumbnail sketches of it.  Click HERE for an explanation of a thumbnail sketch. See below for student examples.

3. Now take your second idea and draw 5 thumbnail sketches for that idea.  Repeat the process for the remaining ideas.

4. You will have a total of 25 thumbnail sketches.

5. Choose the one you like best and create a final piece of art on a separate paper using any medium.

Creative Prompt Two


To get you started:

1. What comes to mind?

2. Are they scary, silly, weird or friendly?

3. What do they look like?

4. Where do they live?

5. Are you going to show them in the water or out of the water or both?

Student examples for THUMBNAIL SKETCHES: