Art History

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1. Watch the video.  

2. Complete the Google Doc: Mesopotamian & Egyptian Art

3. Turn into the Google Classroom.

4. Choose one remote art project to complete by Friday, October 9.

5. Upload final art to the Google Doc: Egyptian Final Art

Remote Art Choices for

Mesopotamian & Egyptian Art

1. Draw and color YOUR own design for an Egyptian boat.  Must have a background, be in the water and must include a name for your boat incorporated into the design.

2. Draw your own animal for the Ishtar Gate.  Must use color.  Can be a real or imagined animal. Your art must take up the entire page: the wall and animal.

3. Design your own head dressing if you were an Egyptian ruler. Must include decorations that would be reflective of YOU. Give yourself an Egyptian ruler name.

4. Create an Egyptian god with a moose head that rules New Hampshire.  Include a full body with clothing/decoration appropriate for your "NH moose god".