Value Unit

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All about Value

Grayscale vs desaturate

1. Create a value scale by hand

2. Shading basic forms by hand

3. Photoshop shading basic forms

5. Cubistic Hands by hand AND in Photoshop


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Classroom presentations by Mrs. D - I have prepared a special presentation for each of these.  I may present them 2x depending on the pace of the class.  If you are absent for both, you can certainly look at them on your own, you just will miss out on the extra anecdotes I add to them in the classroom.

Now we begin our Value Unit.  CAREFULLY follow the directions on #1, #2 and #3.  


#4 Veteran's Day Project

This project is only for Fall Semester

4. Cubism & Shattered Object - BY HAND

5. Cubism & Shattered Object - in PSD