Shape with Line and Texture

Website Building Application

For this assignment, you will be working on several components:

     1. Creating a piece of art utilizing the skills and techniques you have learned from the Line and Texture Unit.

     2. Developing a piece of art that is well-crafted and harmonious in its final presentation.

     3. Evaluating your art in written response based on the set-criteria.

     4. Connect your personal experiences in the world to the requirements of a project.

What is an organic shape?

You will be drawing either an ORGANIC or GEOMETRIC shape.  

You will fill in your shape with different textures created with a PEN.

These examples were created entirely by hand.

The shape is repeated with a VARIETY of textures.

There is repetition, balance, variety, rhythm and movement in each example.

The following examples were created with a combination of hand drawing and Photoshop.  

- Your goal: create an abstract collage from your shape.  

- It is to be BALANCED, TEXTURAL, showing a wide range of VALUES and your eye should move through it easily and rhythmically.  

Project guidelines:

1. Think about favorite objects/subjects that you would like to use to create your collage. (Possible ideas: favorite food, animals, cars, sports theme, nature, your face, etc.)

2. Create 5 DIFFERENT  shapes on copy paper - use pencil.  Label each one either as an organic or geometric shape. (This is being handed in, YES you MUST draw 5 different shapes...part of the CONNECT COMPETENCY.)

3. Choose ONE of the five and redraw it on a piece of oaktag. (You may choose to draw it freehand on the paper instead of using an oaktag tracer.) Make it big enough to take up the ENTIRE piece of oaktag.

4. Trace your shape onto 2 pieces of white paper.  Place them on your paper in this format:

LEAVE SPACE around each shape.

You will use the RECTANGULAR marquee tool to copy each one.

If you do not leave enough space, you need to use the LASSO tool instead of the rectangular marquee tool.


Be creative with your OWN textures.  Think about what interests games?...sports?

All of these examples have various textures that should help you create your own textures.  

Use these as inspiration, you are to create YOUR OWN textures.

Using a PEN - create your own textures on EVERY shape.

Must have 10 DIFFERENT textures.

(This is part of the Create Competency).

1. AFTER inking - erase any pencil lines still showing.

2. Connect all lines that are OUTLINING your shape with the ink.

3. Scan in all of your pages - SAVE in YOUR server folder: LastNameFirstNameScanShape1, LastNameFirstNameScanShape2

4. Create a NEW document: 8x10", 150 dpi.  Save as: YOUR server folder.

5. For each of your scans: unlock the background

6. Using the magic wand tool, select the plain, white background and cut it away.  

Did part of your image get cut out?  There's an opening in the outline.  Use the brush tool, small brush, hardness: 100%, paint color the opening.

7. Using the rectangular marquee tool  COPY each one then PASTE onto your LastNameFirstNameShape project. You are to use each shape SEVERAL TIMES in your final art.  Look at the examples on this page again.  If you drew your images too close together you will need to use the lasso tool and not the rectangular marquee tool.

Turning in FINISHED Shape projects:

1. Flatten your project

2. Save the flattened project in your folder

2. Turn into Aspen...this is part of the present competency for the final art

3. Staple together and put in Finished Artwork-Mrs. Dion box under flag:

     - Paper with 5 ideas (and your name on it)...connect competency

     - 2 sheets with the 10 inked shapes that you used to scan...create competency

These are GEOMETRIC shapes.

Shapes that imitate the shapes found in nature.  They are smooth, curved, flowing and rounded.

Geometric shapes are shapes with hard edges and angles that are from man-made objects or created through geometry.  They  are created with angular, straight, sharp and hard lines.