Follow the directions to create your own WordPic:

1. Log into Photoshop:

     "Create New" button on the opening window OR: File<New...10" wide by 8" tall....72 pixels/inch

2. Layers palette (right side of screen...if it's not there - at top of screen: Window<select Layers)

     Click the padlock to unlock it.

3. On toolbar (left side of your screen): click "T"

     At top of screen (where it tells you the font name: Myriad Pro) click "v" that is to the right of the font name...scroll down and     select Stencil Std.    At top of screen change the font size to 72.  MAKE SURE YOUR PAINT COLOR IS BLACK.  

4. Type your name on the first line, then click the check mark at the top of the screen.

5. Type LOVES under your name....check mark.

6. Type something that you love....could be anything....school appropriate of course!

7. Click on your top TEXT layer hold the shift key down and select the bottom layer.  All layers should be a lighter grey.

8. Click COMMAND E...combines the layers, this flattens the entire canvas. (For PC keyboards it is the "Windows" logo key in between Ctrl and Alt)



1. In the search bar, type in the subject you want to find.  (I'm going to walk you through how I did the dog picture.)  Pomeranian (is what I typed)

2. Click "Images"

3. TO THE RIGHT of the screen click on "Tools"..Now to the LEFT click on "Size"....select "Large"

4. Select a photo you like...a larger image will open on the right of your screen

5. Drag the image to your desktop.

6. If you can't drag it to your desktop...take a screenshot: Hold down: SHIFT-Command-4

     Select the area to 'screenshot', let go of mouse

     It will automatically be saved to your desktop on the right of your screen.

Back to the lesson:  Inserting the picture

1. In Photoshop: drag the image (with the mouse) from the desktop to your Photoshop canvas, drop it.  

2. Move tool (first tool on toolbar)- click box for "Show Transform Controls" at the top...stretch the photo to fill the entire canvas (yes, it is on top of your words at this point.)

3. Check mark it when you are done resizing the photo.

4. On the Layer palette: drag the new photo layer UNDER your word layer.

5. On Layer palette: click on your layer with the text

6. Select the Magic Wand tool (under the Quick Selection Tool...4th tool down from the top of the toolbar)

7. Increase the screen size to make it easier to see the smaller portions of the letters: Command +.

8. Click on a BLACK portion of the first letter....HOLD THE SHIFT KEY DOWN....then select the remaining black portions of each letter on that row. (If you accidentally hit the white background you will need to step back or start over selecting the letters.)  

9. Click COMMAND X...you should see part of your photo peeking through the letters you just cut away.

10. Continue process with remaining letters.

11. Gradation: Magic wand tool...select white background...go to gradient tool (on top of the paint bucket)...select your colors...drag mouse across...


If only one layer: no need to flatten.

If more than one layer: Layer(top of screen)<Image<Flatten Image

Save as: LastNameFirstNameWordPic.jpg   (So mine is:  DionMrsWordPic.jpg)

Turn into ASPEN.