Line-Texture with some Shape & Form

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1a. Scan & Color

4. Cheeseburger

8. The Monk

2. Contour Line Drawing of a Shoe

9. Shape Project

3. Using Value to Create Form on a Shoe

5. Famous art:


6. Famous art:


7. Famous art:


Enter Text

We will begin our assignments by working on this together.  If you enter the class after we have passed this assignment, you may be required to work on it solo.  If that is the case, follow the directions.

Follow the directions for #2. When complete, begin #3.

This is the final requirement for this Unit.  You are NOT to begin working on it unless you have completed EVERY assignment so far.

For assignments 4-8, there is no particular order for you to complete them.  HOWEVER, you MUST complete ALL of them BEFORE you move onto #9, the Organic Shape Project.

1b. WordPic


The Photoshop images are from an older version of Photoshop.  Please pay attention to the notes on certain pages alerting you to the fact that your Creative Suite (CS) version on the Mac you are using is going to be different.

We are beginning the course by reviewing the ELEMENTS OF ART and the PRINCIPLES of DESIGN.  

If you find yourself questioning the foundations of the art you are creating, you are to refer back to this link.  By the end of the course, you are expected to know the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design and you will be required to demonstrate that knowledge in the Final Exam Project.

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