The Monk

LINE:     A continuous mark made on a surface with a pointed moving tool.

TEXTURE:     How things feel or how things look like they might feel.

If you are not in our classroom and are completing this outside of school, click here to download “The Monk” to create your own version with a variety of pen textures.

Taken from “The Technical Pen” by Gary Simmons

Additional examples of line textures...

Below you will find "The Monk".  You are going to take the copy that is available to you in the classroom (download and print if you are completing this project outside of the classroom) and using a pen you will create YOUR OWN VERSION.  Look at the examples provided to give you ideas on how you can fill in your version.  You may incorporate the textures here along with your own textures.

For this assignment, you will be working on techniques to use LINE in order to create a variety of TEXTURES.

Art Core Questions: (These are for you to think about as you create your art.)

How do artists learn from trial and error?

1. In order to create an image that comes from our imagination, we must experiment.  This is also known as "trial and error".  

2. We learn more from the mistakes that we make because it forces us to continue trying new ways of working that will lead to success.

3. This assignment is where you get to make those mistakes, try new combinations of lines and put them together to create new textures.

SHAPE:     A closed line that has 2 dimensions and encloses space (triangle, circle, square.)

FORM:     An enclosed space that is 3 dimensional (has height, width & depth. Pyramid, sphere, cube.)