Photopea Introduction

1. Watch the entire video.

2. Open

3. Have the Photopea window open along with the video window (this makes it much easier to practice).

4. If you cannot have both open at the same time, you can run the video on your phone and just toggle back and forth between the two windows.

5. You are being given this time to play and practice with Photopea.  You are to spend the FULL 90 minutes of class time playing with it. If you have questions, email me.

6. Take screenshots (or photos of the screen with your camera phone) of the various things you try out.

7. You will spend more than one class period practicing with Photopea.

8. When it is uploaded to Google Classroom, you will upload your photos to the Google Doc: Photopea Practice (It is NOT being uploaded right away.  It will be available to you after you have practiced for 2 class periods.)


1. You may use Photoshop instead.

2. Photoshop is VERY similar to Photopea.  I will assist you with the differences.

3. Lessons on will be written for Photopea.

4. Hand in your work on the Google Docs that are assigned (even if they say Photopea, just let me know you did the work in Photoshop instead).

Saving a new Photopea document:

FILE<Save as PSD  - it saves as "New Project-1.psd" in your Downloads

Make sure you save your work as you are working: FILE<Save....or Cmd/Ctrl S and DEFINITELY at the end when you are done.  

GET INTO THE HABIT OF SAVING YOUR WORK WHILE YOU WORK ON IT!  (You'll be thanking me for that later....)