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The language of art.

Terms that are used to describe a work of art.


A continuous mark made on a surface with a pointed moving tool.


A closed lilne that has 2 dimensions and encloses space (triangle, circle, square.)


The emptiness or area between, around, above, below or within an object.


An enclosed space that is 3 dimensional (has height, width & depth.  Pyramid, sphere, cube.)


Lightness or darkness within the artwork.


How things feel or how they LOOK LIKE they might feel.


The element of art with 3 properties: hue, value and intensity (saturation).

1. Watch the video.

2. In your sketchbook (or on a blank piece of paper) create the layout that is on the video.  You can handwrite the definitions under the boxes if you prefer.

3. Following the directions on the video, fill in each section.  For color, using the colored pencils in your bag, layer/blend the following: (If you do not have the colored pencils, you can use another coloring medium such as crayons or markers.)

     for GREEN: yellow and blue

     for VIOLET: blue and magenta

     for ORANGE: magenta and yellow

We will explore color further later in the course, so just do your best to lightly layer the 2 colors together to achieve the desired result.

4. When done, take a photo of your work and upload it to the Google Doc: Elements of Art

Review the entire page.

You will use this page as a reference throughout the semester.

Watch the video and follow the directions at the end of the information.