Contour Line Drawing of a Shoe

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1. Place one of your shoes in front of you (preferably on a desk/table) and move it around until you are pleased with the angle.

2. Carefully and lightly map out the placement of the contour line drawing on your paper...make it fit within the space of the paper.

3. Draw the edges and surface ridges of your shoe.  Include implied lines (such as stitching).

4. Go over your lines with a THIN black marker/pen.  Sharpie is a good choice. Except for stitching or other decorative lines, do not leave gaps in the contour lines: close all loose ends.

5. Erase any pencil lines that are still showing.

6. Attach a photo of your work to the Google Doc: Contour Shoe

Here are examples of contour line drawings of a shoe.

Directions are below the examples.

CONTOUR LINE: the outline and surface ridges of the object WITHOUT shading