Independent Projects

The Independent Project is a creative project that YOU create the guidelines for and YOU work on when we are in between projects or on specific days.  This is a SEMESTER LONG project and is due at the end of the semester.  

1. Fill out the "Independent Project" Google Doc.

2. Discuss your Independent Project with Mrs. Dion.

3. A few ideas:

     Room redecoration (before/after photos)

     Cake decorating

     Fill several sketchbooks with drawings

     Paint a baseball glove/football/field hockey stick/skateboard deck....pretty much anything that isn't moving

Painting a basketball by NF

Painted clothing by MF

Painted clothing by LH

A room fixer-upper by EN

Drawings of cars by RW

Hot chocolate bombs and a warm blanket by OZ

A room fixer-upper by SC

A drawing by LM

One of several tattoo designs by BZ

A drawing by KL

Enter Text

A watercolor painting by KL

The following are Independent Projects created in remote learning Fall 2020