SCAN & COLOR in PHotoshop


1. Open Photoshop.  Take a new coloring book page from the front of the room.

2. Place coloring book page FACE DOWN on the glass scanner bed.

3. IN PHOTOSHOP:      File<Import<Image from Device

3. Once the scanner dialogue box opens up (it will be the image you last scanned  if this is your first time scanning, then it will be blank), CHECK the settings...150 dpi, Detect Enclosing Box.  It should be YOUR folder from the Room 520 Server that is showing a blue file icon...unless you had to save it to the Desktop the last time you scanned.

4. All settings look good?  Click SCAN.

5. Once scanning is complete, your scanner box will automatically close and you will be left with the image already in Photoshop.  


1. Upside down scan?  IN Photoshop at TOP of screen:  IMAGE<image rotation<180

2. Do NOT repeatedly click on something to make it work "faster" will only make Photoshop mad at you and it will freeze up or shut down.

Tools to use:

When a tool is and hold the mouse over the tool so that a second dialogue box appears

Paintbucket - embedded under the gradient tool


Magic Wand - embedded under the Quick Selection tool

Color Picker - the large squares of color or black/white at the bottom of the tool box

Filter Gallery - play around with the various filters

Done with coloring and scanning?  DO THIS:

1. File NEW<create the size you want to work in...then click CREATE

2. PRACTICE using the various tools you have been shown in class.

3. Save your work in your folder.

4. If there is time left, you can Google search: Photoshop Creative Suite tutorials to find tutorials you may want to utilize for a Photoshop Independent Project.