Cheeseburger-PHOTOSHOP only

REMOTE ONLY students have the Famous Art: Textures and Famous Art: Shape docs to fill out.

Why am I being asked to do this assignment?

1. You must learn to work with layers when creating art in Photoshop.  

2. You must also learn to follow directions.  If something doesn't "work" it is because you have made a mistake.  Figure it out.  That's how you are going to learn and remember the procedures in Photoshop.


1. Click on EACH of the images below and drag them to your desktop. (You can save them there because they are not "finished pieces of art" will be deleting them from your desktop when you are done this assignment.)







2. Log into Photoshop.

3. File<Open<Desktop<BOTTOM BUN

4. This is similar to what your Canvas (the image with the bun on it) and the Layers Palette should look like.

5. Click the padlock (see red arrow) to unlock the layer.  Click "Ok" on the New Layer pop-up window.

6. Using the Magic Wand tool (circled in red) from the toolbar, click on the white background.  "Running ants" will encircle the bun.  Click Command<X or Edit<cut.  The gray and white checkerboard pattern indicates the background is clear, it does not show up on your final product.

7. File<New...on the dialogue box change the following (indicated in red): Width = 5"...Height = 5"...Resolution = 72

8. Name: this needs to be your:

LAST NAME First Name Cheeseburger

Follow the example I did for my name to properly title your cheeseburger assignment.

9. You will now have a white blank canvas measuring 5"x5".  

10. Using the MOVE TOOL (top tool on the toolbox-circled in red) take the BOTTOM BUN and drag it over to the new 5"x5" canvas.  Place the BOTTOM BUN in the same position as shown in the example to the right.

11. You have now completed all the steps necessary to continue bringing the various food layers over to the new canvas to create your cheeseburger.  

12. Repeat this process in the following order: CHEESE, MEAT, KETCHUP.

13. For the LETTUCE layer, once you have placed the lettuce on top of the KETCHUP, click EDIT<TRANSFORM<WARP and stretch it to fit your  cheeseburger.  Commit to the changes by clicking the "checkmark" at the top of your Photoshop screen.

14. Continue with the remaining TOP BUN.

15. Your cheeseburger and layer palette should look like the following:

16. Now you need to add the FRENCH FRY layer.  Drag this FRENCH FRY image to your desktop.

17. Open it the same way you did all the other layers and place it on top of your 5"x5" canvas.  If you do it correctly, it should look like this:

18. What do you notice about the Layers Palette and the placement of the French Fries?

19. If each layer is considered transparent (like glass), how can you make it so that your French Fries are UNDERNEATH your entire cheeseburger?

Look at the image on the bottom for clues.  Once you figure it out, make the changes on your own cheeseburger.

20. Now change the French Fries' opacity to 40% as indicated by the red arrow below.

21. Add your name to your cheeseburger canvas.  (Please note that I used MY name since this is only an example for you.  Please do NOT put Mrs. Dion onto your cheeseburger...type in your own name!...yes, I had students in the past who put my name in!!!)  READ the helpful hints below.


With the TYPE TOOL...once you click on the "T" to open the tool, you can change the font at the top of the Photoshop window where it has the name of the last font you used.  You can also change the size where it indicates a number and the "pt" (30 pt for example).  In order to type your name, simply place your mouse on the area you want to type.  As shown in the example above, my name is sitting on a line with a dot on the left of the line and a straight line on the end of my "n".  This tells me the Type Tool is being used.  If I drop the mouse down to where the BOTTOM BUN is, the pointer will now change to the MOVE TOOL and you can move your name into a better position if needed.

BTW - your name is not Mrs. case you were wondering.  You are to put YOUR name in the space that mine is shown.

Once you are happy with the placement of your name, click on the checkmark on the top of the Photoshop window and commit the text to the cheeseburger.  Photoshop will NOT allow you to do anything else until you commit the text.

22. Flatten: Layer<Flatten Image

23. Save your work on the desktop.

24. Turn in on Google Doc: Week of April 5.

Make sure you have "Show Transform Controls" clicked on to stretch the french fry picture

ALL Photoshop pictures are from the old version of Photoshop but are only slightly different.

If you have a teeny, tiny little box....go up to Image<Image Size and make the necessary adjustments....this is called PROBLEM-SOLVING