1 point perspective VIDEO

Watch this video.  You will need to watch it several times in order to catch all of the directions.

By Hand:

Use a piece of copy paper, a pencil and a ruler to create this FIRST by hand.

When you are done, you will be using your hand drawing to LOOK AT and then create a Photoshop version.

No color for the hand drawn one.

(Attach to Google Doc: 1pt room HAND)

In Photoshop/Photopea:

1. File<New<8" x 10"<change resolution to 72

2. Image<Image Rotation 90CW

3. Now looking at your HAND DRAWN version, create the room using the BRUSH TOOL (adjust size if necessary).  

4. Color.

Do NOT use the shape tool to make your lines.  

4. Remember the Click and then Shift<Click to make a straight line go from one corner to another

(Attach to Google Doc:  1pt room DIGITAL)