Famous Art: TEXTURE

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These are the 10 QUESTIONS TO ANSWER:  Write your answers and place in the "Finished Artwork-Mrs. Dion" box in our classroom.

This assignment is named TEXTURE

Now lets evaluate several pieces of famous art for their use of TEXTURE.

Based on what we have just reviewed, answer the questions that follow.

1. Describe the textures of:

     a. The iris

     b. The tree moss

     c. The sky

2. Describe the differences in textures between the magnolia texture and the fabric.

3. What are the textural differences in the two paintings for the following?

     a. The skies

     b. The water



4. Compare the fur textures of the dogs.  What is alike? What is different?

5. Describe the texture of:

     a. The plums

     b. The basket

     c. The fabric in the background

6. What adjectives would you use to describe the white lace?

7a. Daniel is in distress.  The lions appear to be annoyed.  Describe the textures being used for Daniel's skin and for the lion's fur.  

8. How many different textures do you see in this painting?


9. Compare how LA Frechette used texture to render both seascapes.


10. Look at the textures created in both paintings.  How would you go about creating the textures for each?

Leonid Afremov

New York Morning

Julie Ford Oliver


Read ALL of the information on this page.  Then answer the questions that follow.

Write your answers BY HAND on copy paper and place in the "Finished Artwork-Mrs. Dion" box under the flag.

This is for you to think about...it is not one of your questions to answer...the answers are already here.