Color Unit

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11. 9-Square Color Project

Classroom presentations by Mrs. D - I have prepared a special presentation for each of these.  I may present them 2x depending on the pace of the class.  If you are absent for both, you can certainly look at them on your own, you just will miss out on the extra anecdotes I add to them in the classroom.

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This is the culminating project to determine your COMPETENCE in how you have made connections with the art you have created and the questions you have answered.  It determines how you have managed your creativity in the various assignments leading up to this project.  This all shows through with how you present your 9-Square project and your assessment of it with your responses on the critique once it is completed.

10. Logo Design

Assignments for week of

April 7 - April 10

Click on appropriate link for your assignments.

Assignment for week of

April 13 - April 17

Art by Elena Schweitzer

Assignment for week of

April 20 - April 24

Turn in the Google CHECK-IN sheet DURING class or you will be marked DNP.

New thing to add...haven't done this color wheel yet.

Also new, haven't done this color theory game yet.

New color unit for Dec:

1. Modern artists....come up with a critique sheet

2. Terrible doc for the page

3. My Many Colored Days...students draw and color a day in their life

4. Student color wheel game....virtual instructor

5. Color theory game....virtual instructor

6. Mixed up monster - use PhotoPea as a digital option