Cubism & Shattered Images

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1. Review all of the information on this page.

2. Follow the detailed directions found under PROJECT GUIDELINES below.

3. You have 2 weeks to work on this.  It is due by Friday, April 24.

You MUST submit the Check-In sheet with this week's dates for each scheduled class.

If you do NOT submit the Check-In sheet it's a DNP for the day.

Here are some images when you do a Google search for "Shattered Images with Ken Vieth".  Ken Vieth is the author of From Ordinary to Extraordinary and it is a fantastic book containing wonderfully creative art projects for high school students.

The images presented here are representative of the assignment from his book and all copyrights belong to the owners of the art.


A style of art that stresses abstract structure at the expense of other pictorial elements especially by displaying several aspects of the same object simultaneously and by fragmenting the form of depicted objects (

A simple way to remember: taking objects, breaking them apart, reassembling to show different points of view simultaneously.

Student images: two above from the Scholastic Art Show and the ones below are student images from school.


1. Open the Google Doc "Cubism & Shatter", list 5 of your favorite objects.

2. Make a second list of 5 items you could use to "shatter" your image (refer to the examples on this page for help).

3. Draw 2 DIFFERENT thumbnail sketches in your sketchbook. (Favorite object + shatter)  Use the information you learned from the Rule of Thirds page to set up your composition.  Click HERE if you need to review the Rule of Thirds.

4. Choose your favorite.  

5. In your sketchbook (or on good drawing paper), with pencil, lightly draw your image.  

6. Using the GRAPHITE pencil of your choice shade EACH INDIVIDUAL SECTION of your drawing as a gradation: go from light to dark or dark to light.  Refer to the examples on this page. NEATNESS COUNTS!

7. On Friday, April 24, turn in the Google Doc "Cubism & Shatter" to our Google Classroom.

BMW symbol "shattered with wavy lines

Volkswagon car "shattered" with the VW symbol

Fish "shattered" with wavy lines

Butterfly "shattered" with wavy lines

Alice "shattered" with a clock

Flower "shattered" with lines

Lighthouse scene "shattered" with sun rays

Zebra "shattered" with lines

Rhino "shattered" with circles


Portrait "shattered" with clock

Portrait "shattered" with broken glass

Guitar "shattered" with diamonds

Camera "shattered" with circles

Apple "shattered" with words

Battle of Iwo Jima "shattered" with flags