Drawing assignments

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PAST assignment:

Drapery Still Life

This was for the week of April 7 - April 10

Rule of Thirds

Charcoal and ink wash still life

Value study of a Bust

Cubism & Shattered Images

PAST assignment:

Monday April 13 through Thursday April 24

You have 2 WEEKS to work on this assignment.  All work for this assignment is due FRIDAY, APRIL 24.

You MUST submit the Check-In sheet for each scheduled class.

If you do NOT submit the Check-In sheet it's a DNP for the day.

PAST assignment:

Week of May 18 - 22

Book Drawings

PAST assignment:

Week of May 4 - May 8

AND May 11 - May 15

Thumbnails due by Friday, May 8

Final art due by Friday, May 15

Illustration: The Children's Story

LAST assignment:

Week of May 26 - 29

For your final drawing....draw whatever you want and submit it on Friday, May 29, on the Google Doc: LAST DRAWING

We lost our "Independent Project" days so this is to make up for it.

There is no link for you to view.

Have fun drawing!

ALL work for Term 4 is due no later than Tuesday, June 2 for ALL students.