Shading a form and drapery still life

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Why am I being asked to do this?

Students will often say they want to get better at drawing yet when they are asked if they draw "from life", the answer is usually "no".  When asked if they know the different effects that can be achieved (with the variety of pencils available to them) by varying the pencil pressure, the answer is also usually "no".

This assignment combines important observational drawing skills with the fine motor control needed when utilizing a variety of pencils.


1. View the examples below.  

2. Watch the video.  

3. Set up a fabric still life and if you can, have a specific light source on it so that you can have a DRAMATIC range of values.  Using your sketchbook and pencils, create a fabric drawing using any of the techniques mentioned in the video.

4. Your fabric still life can be an item of clothing.

This is due by Friday, April 10.  You will have a new assignment for next week.