Book Drawings

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The inspiration for this project comes from a fantastic artist named Kristy Patterson and she is an artist from Guymon, OK.  

I encourage you to visit her blogsite along with her Pinterest page and the links are provided below.  

On her blogspot she gets into the scrumptious detalis of how she creates her amazing dictionary drawings.  You will be creating a similar image from recycled art history books.

Above and to the left are a few random selections from my Collage and Draw Pinterest page and I encourage you to check it out for the various artst's names.


Book Drawings

GOAL: To experiment with drawing surfaces and media.

PROCEDURE: (This is the "official" way to do it...please use whatever you have available.  You do NOT have to follow this exact procedure.  You can always use markers, colored pencils, crayons...whatever you have at home.)

1. Choose a page from an old book that does not have any images already on it.  (Use SOMETHING with black and white print on it...if you don't have a book available, use newspaper or a page from a probably WON'T want to use wet media if you choose one of those...they will most likely shred.)

2. Using a 50/50 mix of Elmer's glue and water, carefully paint the mixture onto one side of the book page.

3. Mount this paper to precut mat board by placing the dry side of the book page onto the table and lay the mat board on top of it.  Flip it over and smooth out any air bubbles that may have formed.  Allow to dry overnight before drawing.

4. Plan out the image you would like to draw on your paper.  Subject matter is totally up to you.  Use the examples that have been shown as your inspiration.  Come up with 4-5 thumbnail sketches of your ideas.

5. If you would like a tea-stained look to the page, brew a batch of dark tea and on the dried, mounted paper, lightly brush with the tea.  Allow to dry before drawing on it.

6. Once you have decided on the image you want to use, lightly draw it on the book page using an "H" pencil.

7. Decide if your image needs to be outlined in ink.  Not every image will need to be outlined, but if yours needs it, use the ink pen in your pencil box.  (Any waterproof, bleed proof, black or sepia toned pen will work. Bic or a thin Sharpie work well.)

8. For color, use Prismacolor pencils.  If you would like to try the watercolor pencils, use very little water.  The page may begin to shred with the addition of too much water.  You can always create a new mounted page if yours shreds after getting too wet.

9. If you would like to add words, practice spelling out the words BEFORE you draw them on top of your drawing.  It is also advisable for you to refer to a font style you want to use and print it out from a Word document or Photoshop.  If you print it out to the size you need, you can cover the back of the computer print out with an even layer of graphite (from a "B" pencil).  Then place it over your book page, positioning it where you want the words and trace over the edges of the letters.  Once it is transferred, you can fill in the spaces with colored pencil.

10. As you add color: think about FORM, COLOR INTENSITY/SATURATION.

IF you can't do the glue mixture or use a wet media.....then just use a printed page to draw an interesting drawing on it.

If you choose to use a pen to create a line drawing, use either a Thin SHARPIE or a BIC ballpoint pen.

The Liquid Flair black ink pen did not fair so well when a water wash was applied and it ran all over the Bic pen...which did NOT run.

To create a "tea wash" take 4-5 tea bags and place in a container.  Add a small amount of HOT water (just enough to create a deep, rich brown tea.)

Using a flat brush, gently brush over the book page you have glued to the matboard.

HEART 1: Sharpie marker with watercolor pencils, a light wash of water applied to blend the layered color

HEART 2: Sharpie marker with layers of Prismacolor pencil

HEART 3: Sharpie marker with watercolor pencils, a light of wash water and when dried, a layer of Prismacolor pencils.

HEART 4: Sharpie marker with layers of Prismacolor pencil





4-5 tea bags + small amount of hot water

Flat brush

Week of May 18 - 22

1. This project is to be worked on during your 2.5 hours of class time this week.

2. Due by Friday, May 22 at 2PM...Uploaded to the Google Doc: BOOK DRAWING

3. Use what you have at home for supplies.  Please read the directions carefully.

4. Be as creative as you can!

5. These may be shared on our IG account: @pinkertonarts