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Charcoal & ink wash statues

Art Core Questions:

What role does persistence play in revising, refining, and developing artwork?

What techniques are utilized to protect artwork from damage?

How does the artist determine the criteria to evaluate a work of art?

How does engaging in creating art enrich people's lives?

Charcoal and Ink Wash Statues

GOAL: To accurately render a still life using the "rule of thirds", charcoal and an ink wash.


1. Create the ink wash paper:

     1. Put your name on the back of the 300# Arches watercolor paper

     2. At the front table: liberally brush the paper with plain water...SATURATE IT!

     3. LIGHTLY brush the paper with the ink wash.  It should be a LIGHT to MEDIUM value.  If it is too dark - add more water

     4. Sprinkle the paper with a LITTLE BIT of salt...just enough to soak up some of the ink wash and create a "jack frost" effect

     5. Place on the window side countertop to dry

2. While you are waiting for the paper to dry, choose the statue you'd like to draw.  Do NOT draw from across the room.  You will need to be close to the statue of your choice to draw it.  Choose a point of view that is unusual and creates an interesting focal point will maintaining the "rule of thirds" in your layout.


1. Ink wash paper

2. Copy paper sheet of 5-10 thumbnail sketches

3. Wide range of values using charcoal

3. Create a copy paper sheet of 5-10 thumbnail sketches incorporating the "rule of thirds" layout and the varying values.  (This is being handed-in.)

4. Once the paper is dry take it over to the garbage can and standing over the can, use your student ID or ruler to gently scrape off the salt.

5. Based on the thumbnail sketch that shows your best choice, lightly draw your composition in charcoal.  Once it is drawn out, use the charcoal and varying hand pressure to accurately render the values of the still life.  Use the white "pastel/charcoal" to render the lightest value.  

6. Be careful not to smudge your art.  At the end of each class, carefully cover your work with a piece of newsprint and gently place it in the metal drawer.

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