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Art Progressions...

"Good art" doesn't just happen.  It comes through hours of refining drawing skills and understanding the medium being used to create.  Below are some examples of where a piece of art starts and what the final piece of art looks like.  All work has been drawn by hand with no tracing.  All sketches are created on tracing paper so that changes can be easily made without losing the original drawing.  Various layers of tracing paper are taped together before transferring to the final art paper.

This page will be updated as pieces of art are completed.

Christine E. S. Dion owns all the copyrights to the images presented on this page unless otherwise noted.

Thumbnail sketch

Final sketch

First color progression on Fabriano Tiziano pastel paper with Prismacolor colored pencils

Second color progression

Third color progression

Fourth color progression

Final Art

Client reference photo

B. Lamonica


Coconut and Bear:

Final sketch

Reference photos

White layout on Fabriano Tiziano pastel paper with Prismacolor colored pencils

First color progression

Second color progression

Add more white to Coconut

...And more fur

Block in more fur

Block in color and eyes on Bear

Isabella - Brown Eyes I: WIP

Rough sketch


First sketch

Second sketch-modified her right eye

Prismacolor pencils and Caran D'Ache Luminance pencils on Stonehenge utilizing an Icarus Painting Board to heat the wax binder and melt the pencil strokes

Continuation on her right eye using Icarus Board

Various reference photos...pre and post eye removal (12-28-15)

Isabella - Brown Eyes II: WIP

Rough sketch

Final sketch

Layout and color study

Various reference photos

Rough sketch

Final layout

Rule of thirds composition

Pitty II: WIP

Rough sketch

Final sketch

Various color studies in Photoshop

Final art: Brown Eyes

8"x8" on Stonehenge drawing paper with Luminance and Prismacolor colored pencils

Pitty I: WIP

Color study

First application of Caran D'Ache Neocolor II crayons to Stonehenge paper while using the Icarus Painting Board on level 8

First blending of Neocolor II crayons

Second blending of Neocolor II crayons...going to stop working on the background and will come back to it after the dog is completed

Application of blues, pinks and purples for shadows.  Dry application without using warmed Icarus board

First cool application of dry pencils to the dog

Detail of face

Still a bit more to do...