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Hatching/Cross-hatching - Layering - Underpainting - Burnishing - Odorless Mineral Spirits with Colored Pencils

Hatching/cross-hatching - Layering - Underpainting Burnishing

Using odorless mineral spirits with Prismacolor colored pencils


1. Use the Dahle hand-held pencil sharpener to sharpen the Prismacolor pencils (do NOT use wall sharpeners...they shred the pencils)

2. Use light hand pressure to apply color to the paper (I recommend using Stonehenge drawing/watercolor paper OR any of the Fabriano Tiziano pastel papers, Canson is a good alternative.)

3. Work from light to dark hues when applying layers of colored pencil.  If you start with dark colors, muddy areas might be a result if you are not careful.

4. Do not apply heavy hand-pressure (this turns it into "burnishing".)


1. Apply layers of colored pencil BUT apply successive layers with HEAVIER hand pressure.

2. As layers of colored pencil are added, the colors should begin to blend together.

3. An alternative way to burnish is to lightly layer all the colors you want to use, THEN blend the layers with a Prismacolor Colorless Blender pencil.


1. Apply thick layers of colored pencil (choose your colors wisely otherwise you will end up with "mud".)  PRACTICE on scrap paper FIRST to see how the colors blend together.

2. Using a blending stump or Q-Tips, dip it into the glass container with the odorless mineral spirits (OMS).  On papertowel, dab off some of the OMS and then blend the colored pencil layers.

3. Allow to fully dry before applying more colored pencil.

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