AP STUDIO ART-Concentration Assignments

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What is the central idea of your concentration?

How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of your idea?

Ask yourself these questions (use another sheet to answer completely...or answer all in your sketchbook):

1. Is there an inventive and imaginative integration of the concentration topic in all the work?

2. Have you presented an original vision with evocative nuances that express your confident personal style?

3. Are all of the pieces technically excellent, exhibiting a confident application of the creative processes you have chosen?

4. If text is incorporated, are the font choices illustrative of the message and do they enhance readability?

5. If 2D design oriented, do your compositions demonstrate risk taking and confidence in the organization of information and the communication of ideas?

6. Is the content or purpose of your images clearly communicated?

7. Have you thoroughly investigated your concentration by effectively using a wide range of materials and techniques?

8. For each image, how have you explored and incorporated all of the elements of art: line, shape, space, form, value, texture, and color?

9. For each image, how have you applied the principles of design: rhythm & movement, balance, proportion, variety, emphasis/focal point and harmony/unity?

10. What is the weakest design/drawing in your concentration and how can you strengthen it?

On the backside of this form are 12 blocks.  Draw thumbnail sketches of your concentration ideas in each of these boxes.  Continually ask yourself the 10 questions and rework those images that are weak.  Use as many of the block pages that you need.

Now you must decide the direction you must take for your Concentration.  This will be a collection of 12 pieces of artwork that are linked by a common "theme" or concentration.  View the images on the website.  Think about the images you have created for your Breadth assignments.  Now look at the Concentration examples and notice how they have 12 connected pieces. Think about how you can connect 12 images in a particular Concentration.  You are expected to have a Concentration theme pinned down when we return from the Christmas break.  You are also expected to have it completely planned out on this sheet along with the following sheet:  AP STUDIO ART WORK-FLOW CHART.  Both are to be discussed with me during the first week in January and count towards your competency grades for Connecting and Responding.

Fill out the questions completely in order to help you plan your Concentration.

1. Write down as many different ideas that sound interesting to you as possible Concentrations.

2. Narrow your choices down to three.  Write the name of concentration choices below.  Under each heading write down your ideas for how you might create 12 images.

Choice One:                                                                                                         Choice Two:                                                                                Choice Three:

3. What points of view do you want to incorporate?

4. What do the color schemes look like?

5. Is there enough information available to you to pursue each of the choices so that you can present a well thought-out Concentration?

Illustrating a children's book story

The work of hands

Mechanical Objects


Colored pencil art


Large, color explosion portraits

Musical me

Girls of the world

Now is the time for you to solidify your thoughts on what you want to pursue for your Concentration.  You have from now until the beginning of November to solidify your Concentration.  I will meet with each of you the week of November 6.   ALL worksheets pertaining to the Concentration are to be filled-out by November 20, no exceptions.  You are earning competency grades for Connecting and Responding for the worksheets being completed.  

CLICK HERE if you need to download a paper copy of this sheet

CLICK HERE if you need to download a paper copy of this sheet

Possible concentrations...

CONCENTRATION timeline & grading update:

ALL Concentration work is to be completed NO LATER than Monday, April  16....ALL TEN to TWELVE pieces for your Concentration. You will be handing-in numerous requirements.  Any work that you anticipate being late needs to be discussed with me ahead of the due date for special arrangements.  Acceptable reasons for work to be late include (but are not limited to): family crisis, illness requiring extensive recovery.  Colds, flu, other school work (Jr./Sr. essays for example) are NOT acceptable reasons.

Second Semester Grading:

1. Well thought-out thumbnails (10-20 minimum) for EACH of the Concentration pieces are weighted at 30% and should be created in your sketchbook.  They are tied directly to the "Creating" competency.  Highly developed thumbnails are equal in importance to finished art and are crucial for the development of high-quality art.

Slapping together a few ideas in your sketchbook will show obvious carelessness in the assignment and will be reflected in the grade that you earn.  

2. Thumbnails will also be assessed with how well you have connected your past experiences and art work to the concepts you are working on for your Concentration.  This is tied directly to the "Connect" competency which is weighted at 10%.

3. Individual Concentration pieces (finished art) are weighted at 30% as well and will be presented on the wall in the classroom or in the hall.  All finished art Concentration pieces are tied to the "Presenting" competency.

4. When uploading your images and essays to AP you will be assessed a grade for your "Responding" competency that is weighted at 10%.  Critiques on the grading rubric are also assessed as part of your "Responding" competency.

5. The work you create in class will be assessed a "Studio Procedure" grade that is weighted at 20%.  This grade assesses your personal focus and studio etiquette as you create your assignments.  This includes, but is not limited to: Readiness to work with an extreme focus on completing the assignment; respectful treatment of media, tools; respectful interactions with classmates; maintenance of personal and communal classroom spaces; following school and studio policies; but most importantly, handing-in work on time.  This is part of your "Studio Procedure" competency.  Please note that the highest grade a work that is handed-in late can earn is a "B".  Be responsible for your time management.



Monday, February 11                Concentration ONE

Monday, February 18                Concentration TWO

Monday, March 4                      Concentration THREE

Monday, March 11                    Concentration FOUR

Monday, March 18                    Concentration FIVE

Monday, March 25                    Concentration SIX

Monday, April 1                         Concentration SEVEN

Monday, April 8                         Concentration EIGHT

Monday, April 15                       Concentration NINE

Monday, April 29                       Concentration TEN - TWELVE