AP STUDIO ART-Summer Component

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Breadth Assignment #1

Headless Self-Portrait


Breadth Assignment #2

Dissection of an Organic Object


Breadth Assignment #3

Shadow Paintings


Breadth Assignment #4

Elevating the Ordinary

Welcome to AP Studio Art!  This is the page for your Summer Component.  Below is a link to each of the FOUR assignments you are required to complete by the third day of school beginning the Fall Semester.  If you do not fulfill the requirements for each of these assignments, you put yourself in danger of failing right from the beginning.  This class is incredibly intensive and artists are not able to "whip out" amazing AP-level pieces of art by pulling "all-nighter's".  I've seen students try and it just doesn't work that way.

The schedule of due dates for the entire school year is already posted and you will find the link on the welcome page for our class on this website.

You can reach me at cdion@pinkertonacademy.org if you have any questions this summer.