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Wrapped candy still life

Wrapped Candy Still Life

GOAL: Build a 3D still life out of candy to be used to create a 2D artwork


1. Select the wrapped to build your still life on the mat board.

2. Arrange the candy until you achieve a pleasing composition.  Utilize the Principles of Design.  Glue each piece in place.

3. Create 4-5 thumbnail sketches in your sketchbook.  Work on achieving accuracy in perspective.  This is a crucial step in direct observation.

4. Execute the final art in the medium of your choice no larger than 9"x12".  Must have a 1/2" border.

5. Medium of your choice.

6. Can be achromatic or in color.

Work to be handed-in:

1. 4-5 thumbnails

2. Final art for Wrapped Candy Still Life, size 9x12 with a 1/2" border

Questions to ask yourself:

How do artists determine what resources and criteria are needed to formulate artistic investigations?

What criteria are considered when selecting work for presentation?

What can we learn from our responses to art?

How is art used to impact the views of a society?

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