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Scroobius Pip

Website Building Application

Questions to ask yourself:

How do artists determine what resources and criteria are needed to formulate artistic investigations?

What criteria are considered when selecting work for presentation?

What can we learn from our responses to art?

How is art used to impact the views of a society?


How I Paint Dinosaurs by James Gurney

Scroobius Pip

by Edward Lear

Read the poem Scroobius Pip by Edward Lear

Scroobius Pip

based on the poem by Edward Lear

The link presented above will take you to visual examples of the Scroobius Pip project that was created at SCAD in Atlanta.  If you would like to see what has been created, please feel free to view the link on your own.  However if you would like the greater challenge of developing your project WITHOUT any prompts or suggestions, then do not go to the link.

GOAL: Combine literature and 3-dimensional art to create a rendering in 2-dimensions based upon direct observation.

PROCEDURE: (Week one is for sketches and creating your 3D sculpture.  Week two is for sketches of the sculpture and final 2D art. All work will be on display in the Media Center during the week of finals.  This is part of your Presentation competency grade.)

1. Watch the video from James Gurney: How I Paint Dinosaurs.

2. Read the poem Scroobius Pip by Edward Lear.

3. In your sketchbook, create 4-5 thumbnails of what you think Scroobius Pip could look like based upon the video and the poem.

4.  Choose one of your thumbnails and create a 3-dimensional representation.  Keep it small.  Use newspaper and plaster wrap to create your sculpture.  Wipe off your desk and spray it down every day you work with the plaster.

5. Once your sculpture is completely dry, paint it with acrylic paint and attach any additional embellishments (you must provide these) you wish to add.

6. For your sketches of the sculpture: create 4-5 thumbnail sketches of your sculpture.  Choose different view points for the thumbnails.

7. Final drawing: medium of your choice.  Size: 8"x10" to 9"x12", your choice.

8. Artist's statement: Type up your statement addressing the following: (1) what part of the poem inspired you to create the work; (2) what was the most difficult part of this project; (3) what is your favorite part of this project.  Print out and mount onto construction paper.

9. For your final presentation: mount your sketches (can be photocopies of them) onto a board to be hung on a wall; mount 3D sculpture on a flat surface to sit on a shelf; final art will be matted (I will help you) for professional presentation in the Media Center.

Work to be handed-in:

1. 4-5 thumbnail sketches of what you think Scroobius Pip looks like

2. 3D sculpture of Scroobius Pip

3. 4-5 thumbnail sketches from the sculpture

4. Final art for Scroobius Pip, 8"x10" to 9"x12" with a 1/2" border

5. Artist's statement: printed out and mounted to construction paper

6. You will be hanging/presenting your work ("Present" competency)

CLICK HERE to download a paper copy of project guidelines