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Questions to ask yourself:

How do artists determine what resources and criteria are needed to formulate artistic investigations?

What criteria are considered when selecting work for presentation?

What can we learn from our responses to art?

How is art used to impact the views of a society?

Here is your prompt list for Inktober 2020:

Here is what you are doing for October:

1. Each number represents the date in October.

2. Your goal is to create 31 REALLY AWESOME INK drawings, one for each of the days.

3. You can create a pencil under-drawing if you want.

4. You may use digital media for HALF of the work you create.  The other half of the work you create MUST be in INK.

5. On your remote day, upload to the Google STREAM what you worked on during class time.

6. There are 3 Google Docs to upload work:

     1. From Column 1: Fish to Hope images

     2. From Column 2: Disgusting to Coral images

     3. From Column 3: Sleep to Crawl images

7. When you complete a work, upload it to the appropriate Google Doc with the # of the prompt indicated in the chat section.

8. As you complete an image, you will be uploading it to Instagram.  If you do not have an Instagram account, they are free.  Please create an account (you can use your personal account or create one that is specifically for school art).

9. Use the following hashtags when uploading to Instagram:

     #pinkertonarts         #mrs_dion_       #inktober       #inktober2020

10. I will be participating alongside you!  Let's see how many pieces we can create!

Want a challenge?

Try combining prompts from one column into one image...for example

A FANCY FISH with big TEETH sitting on a RADIO.  

If you choose to do this option, the art is expected to be exceptionally detailed and well-thought out as it would be counting for 4 separate images: (FANCY, FISH, TEETH, RADIO all from Column 1).