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Hands Project

Website Building Application

Questions to ask yourself:

How do artists determine what resources and criteria are needed to formulate artistic investigations?

What criteria are considered when selecting work for presentation?

What can we learn from our responses to art?

How is art used to impact the views of a society?

Thank you to Ms. Carrie King from Mt. Eden High School, Hayward, CA, for allowing me to utilize her lessons and you will find the link for this one below.

INSPIRATION from the students at Mt. Eden High School, Hayward, CA

1 Giant Hand

must be at least 5-6 times larger than life

GOAL: Maintain proportion when enlarging the subject for a direct observational drawing.


1. Practice positioning your non-drawing hand in "difficult" positions: fingers bent, slanted, foreshortened, etc.  NO fists, open palms, fingers stretched, etc.  And of course (you already know this), no obscene gestures!

2. The hand may be holding something - but make it a significant object and it can't be so large that it hides too much of the hand.

3. Don't forget about the negative space - the space around and behind the hand.  Put something in the background - a tone, a pattern....SOMETHING!

4. CONTRAST is important and creates more interest in your work...keep that in mind!

5. Medium of your choice; Size 9"x12" to 11"x14" - your choice.

6. For color: you can use realistic skin tones, crazy colors or keep it achromatic.

7. Hands are difficult to render.  Keep that in mind.  This is why you need to practice drawing hands as often as possible.  You need to "draw what you SEE, and not what your brain thinks it "should" look like."  Focus on the negative space to maintain proportion of the fingers and the overall size of the hand.

8. Create 4-5 thumbnail sketches before deciding upon a final gesture for your art.

9. Watch the video to assist you in drawing your hand.

Work to be handed-in:

1. 4-5 thumbnail sketches: handed into Aspen

2. Final art for 1 Giant Hand, size 9"x12" to 11"x14" with a 1/2" border