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Favorite Object Still Life

Questions to ask yourself:

How do artists determine what resources and criteria are needed to formulate artistic investigations?

What criteria are considered when selecting work for presentation?

What can we learn from our responses to art?

How is art used to impact the views of a society?

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Favorite Object Still Life

GOAL: Build a 3D still life from your favorite objects to create a 2D rendering from direct observation.


1. Bring in several of your favorite objects to create a still life arrangement that represents YOU.

2. You will be given an area of the room to set-up your own still life.  Try to keep your set-up under 2'x2'.  You will be working from DIRECT OBSERVATION.  NOT from a photograph.  Items may be placed on a board and CAREFULLY moved to your desk.

3. Focus on the Principles of Design: rhythm and movement; balance, proportion, variety, emphasis/focal point, harmony/unity.

4. Create 4-5 thumbnails showing different angles of your still life.

5. Execute the final art in the medium of your choice no larger than 11"x14".  Must have a 1/2" border.

6. Medium of your choice.

7. Can be achromatic or in color.

Work to be handed-in:

1. 4-5 thumbnails

2. Final art for Favorite Object Still Life, size: no larger than 11"x14" with a 1/2" border

CLICK HERE to download a paper copy of Favorite Object Still Life