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I love to work out in the gym, go to the beach and create art!

I'm afraid of forgetting your name (during the course) and calling you by someone else's name!

April 16.  Best gift would be excellent health for all of my family and friends.  (Oh and more puppies....I can never have too many puppies!)

Students not paying attention to me when I'm instructing you....MAJOR pet peeve....

Work full-time in one of my studios with lots of puppies running around my feet and teach art part time....almost there!

A co-worker...helped them with some administrative paperwork.

I hope to be able to learn something really interesting about each of you.

My faith.  It has sustained me during incredibly rough times and has been a source of celebration during the wonderful times.

GB....He speaks the Truth and lives his life sharing Love and Light to all he meets.

St. Mother Teresa.  I would make her my grandmother's recipe for blueberry muffins (with a sugar/lemon topping...YUMMY!)  

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