Wrapped candy still life

Wrapped Candy Still Life

GOAL: Build a 3D still life out of candy to be used to create a 2D artwork


1. Select wrapped candy to build your still life.

2. Arrange the candy until you achieve a pleasing composition.  Utilize the Principles of Design.  Glue each piece in place.

3. Photograph your composition from multiple angles and lighting.

4. Create 4-5 thumbnail sketches in your sketchbook.  Work on achieving accuracy in perspective.  This is a crucial step in observation.

5. Create a graphite drawing of your composition.  Size should fit in your sketchbook.  Pay attention to values and lighting.  Line drawings are not acceptable.  Light values with no range into the darkest values are not acceptable.  

6. Create a color drawing (medium of your choice).  Size should also fit in your sketchbook.

Work to be attached to the appropriate Google Docs:

1. 4-5 thumbnails (Attach to Google Doc: Candy thumbnails)

2. Graphite drawing for Wrapped Candy Still Life (Attach to Google Doc: Graphite Candy)

3. Color art for Wrapped Candy Still Life. (Attach to Google Doc: Color Candy)

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